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Preliminary Arizona Winter School 2023: Elliptic Curves and Abelian Varieties

The Preliminary Arizona Winter School (PAWS) is a virtual program on topics related to the upcoming AWS, with an intended audience of advanced undergraduate students and junior graduate students.

Registration is now closed; the deadline to apply was July 15th, 2023. Videos, notes, and problem sets will be available at this page for anyone who missed the registration deadline.

Each lecturer will be accompanied by graduate student assistants, who will be in charge of writing weekly problem sets and facilitating weekly, hour-long problem solving and discussion meetings with groups of students. Recommended background for the program is a first course in abstract algebra.

The school will feature an online (Zulip) discussion board where students can ask questions and interact with the speakers and assistants outside of scheduled meeting times.

We will facilitate additional virtual events, some purely social to build a community, and some more structured sessions on timely and pertinent topics like "What is graduate school in Math like?", "Tips for applying to graduate school this Fall," "How do I navigate the first year of graduate school?" "How do I look for an thesis advisor?", "How to get the most out of the upcoming AWS."

We encourage undergraduate students to take their PAWS course as an independent study with a faculty member at their home institution.

October 2nd — November 10th, 2023

PAWS 2023 consists of two concurrent six-week lecture series.